We created Eagle Management because we wanted to provide a service to people who have worked hard to obtain their real estate investments. The leadership of Eagle Management has a strong background and knowledge in running a real estate services company with great customer service and nearly 20 years of real estate experience in Southern California.


Mary Jo Ter Meer has a background of Operations Management and nearly 20 years in Real Estate as a Realtor and 5 years as a Broker. She also has extensive experience in flipping properties. She searches for the worst houses in the best neighborhoods, manages the rehab of the property, then markets and sells it for the highest profit possible. Her expertise in Interior Design and Business knowledge has made her clients investments very profitable.


Herman Ter Meer is a decorated retired US Army Colonel and was a Senior Program Manager for Booz Allen Hamilton. He bring an understanding of great customer service and the knowhow to run an organization with military precision. His experience in the corporate world has also made him able to run a company efficiently, ensuring every detail is covered. His dedication to provide the best customer support and helping the customer achieve their goals for their investment is second to none. He doesn’t accept defeat in making sure your property is well taken care of.


This team is here to make sure your investment continues to appreciate and provide with exceptional service that no other Property Management can provide!

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